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"I found working with Mark at Sales staff to be a very exciting and smooth process. Mark produced high quality candidates and took the time to really understand my company and its goals. I felt Mark took it that extra step to understand who we really were and what we were looking for. 

We have had long term success with the candidate Mark produced in 2011 and is still going strong today! I would highly recommend Mark and his team. Thank you."

Leigh Rust (General Manager, Safetyline Jalousie)

What sales role do you need filled?

If you need any of these roles, from sales reps to sales executive roles, we’ll headhunt them for you. For over 10 years, employers have relied on us to find the perfect sales staff for their companies.

Sales roles: Executive and managerial

  • CEO

  • General Manager

  • General Sales Manager

  • National Sales Management

  • Territory Manager

  • Area Manager

  • Regional Manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • A range of other Executive level positions.

Sales roles: Non managerial

  • Telephone Selling

  • Technical Sales

  • Sales Representatives (Reps)

  • Junior and Senior Business Development Managers / Executives

  • Account Managers

  • Marketing positions

  • Support roles

  • A range of other Sales positions.

How do we fill these roles?

You need staff for Adelaide - but that doesn’t mean you should limit your talent search within Adelaide. You’ll have access to the top sales professionals across Australia with a database of 100,000+ pre-screened candidates, which we’ll carefully filter, then present you with a handful of the strongest performing, most reliable, proactive sales staff.

  • Fast access to sales talent nationally

  • Over 100,000 pre-screened candidates

  • 94% retention rate of candidates placed

  • 75% of candidates placed under 14 days

  • Replacement guarantee

For 10+ years, we’ve sourced high achieving sales staff for businesses all over Australia.

The competition is tough to win the most talented sales staff. An elite sales professional who has a strong reputation for consistently outperforming their targets and who continually adds value to a business, will not easily jump ship.

Your edge with Sales Staff is is this: we know sales. All our recruiters are chosen for their high achieving sales performances in their past sales jobs. Many have worked in executive roles. We know how top sales staff think. We know what’s important to their careers. The type of environments they will thrive in.

Expect us to source sales staff that have solid experience and proven ability to generate revenue and grow your business. We’ll find you sales staff that will be proactive from day 1.

We won’t stop until we find you sales staff that are a perfect fit for the role - and your business. We don’t get paid until that happens.

Check out our Sales Staffing Solutions.

How can we help?

Give us a call if you need:

  1. To fill a role asap

  2. The right person for the role - and your business

  3. A Replacement Guarantee

  4. A selection of highly screened candidates across Australia

  5. Payment only for the right placement (we work on a ‘no-win no-fee’ model).

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Ready to find the top performing Adelaide sales staff?

Our friendly sales recruiters are on standby to find your top sales staff!

Ready to find top sales staff?

Our experienced sales recruiters are on standby to start searching for your top sales staff today!