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Men's Interview Attire

Appropriate Industries:

Communications, Entertainment, Media, Merchandise, Software, Travel.

This is a great example of a classic suit done with a modern flair; in these formal yet progressive industries, you can incorporate more of your personal style in your look. This suit has a three-button jacket which is a very modern cut, yet it's done in a traditional dark color. The shirt is a beautiful blue which again is both classic, yet bold. The tie is really what gives this outfit its punch; it's a contrasting stripe done in warm colors, which just pop against the cool blues. This ensemble says, "I'm polished, professional, and hip". Which for the above industries, is exactly the look that will get you in the door.

Appropriate Industries:

Pharmaceutical, Financial, Insurance, Medical, Office Automation.

This suit has 'traditional' written all over it. The jacket has a traditional two-button cut and is in dark color. The shirt, although it is pink, is very pale and has no detailing, making it very classic. The tie adds interest to the ensemble without being too contemporary. Notice the length of the cuffs; this is the perfect amount of cuff to have showing below your jacket.

Appropriate Industries:

Advertising, Computer, Internet, Technical, Software.

This suit is sharp, with a modern cut; note the three-button jacket. It's also in a lighter weight and color of fabric. This is moving away from a very traditional suit. The striped shirt with a contrasting cobalt blue tie gives it a very polished yet playful finishing touch. His cuffs are hitting the right place on his wrist, but we think his jacket sleeve could be just a wee bit shorter - you want a good 2cm'sof cuff showing.

Appropriate Industries:

Automotive, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Industrial, Manufacturing, Office Automation, Security.

This ensemble is very tailored and very classic. It would be appropriate for sales professionals in service, industrial or trade industries. If you're interviewing in an industry where you fear being overdressed for an interview, this is a perfect balance of attention to detail and tailoring, but at the same time showing that you understand the industry standards. Note the brown belt... this always means brown shoes. His jacket is a two-button which is very classic, and the shirt has some very subtle striping detail to give it a little life. And please, whatever you do, never wear a short sleeved dress shirt with a jacket. Ever. Seriously.